Alien: Covenant (2017)

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alien covenant poster.jpgStarring: Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup, Danny McBride

Director: Ridley Scott

The crew of a pilgrim ship heading for a new world are woken by an accident 7 years from their destination, and the deaths of their crew make them wary of re-entering cryosleep. Enter a chance transmission from a habitable planet right nearby, which means they can settle here and now. But is it too good to be true?

As the crew investigate the transmission, two of their number fall ill with a strange parasite which bursts through their skin, and the only survivor on the planet seems to be a sinister android called David, a creature we met before in Prometheus.

It’s a strange film. In the timeline, it sits after Prometheus, which was a prequel to the Alien franchise. It tells more of the story of the evolution and creation of the alien xenomorph…

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Preview: Miss Sloane (2016)

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miss sloane poster.jpg

Starring: Jessica Chastain, Mark Strong, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, John Lithgow

Director: John Madden

A lot of films about politics can be very dry and a bit dull, but this certainly isn’t one of them. Elizabeth Sloane (Chastain) is an ice cold, intelligent figure, a lobbyist who strikes fear into the hearts of her opponents and is therefore highly sought after. But when she takes on the gun lobby, it might be a case she can’t win, with the corruption and vendettas of politics pushing the issues to the backseat, and Sloane’s desire to win, always, at all costs, pushing her to the edge.

(Just for the record, this is a film about the game of politics, and not about the morality of gun laws).

This film stayed with me for a few days after I watched it, because I loved Chastain’s performance so much. She’s absolutely beautiful, of course…

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Personal Shopper (2016)

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Starring: Kristen Stewart, Lars Eidinger, Sigrid Bouaziz

Director: Olivier Assayas

What an enigmatic little film.

Kristen Stewart stars as Maureen, a young woman who works as a personal shopper and who refuses to leave Paris since her twin brother died. She believes that he’ll get a message to her from the other side, as they both had some gifts as psychic mediums, but she’s still waiting. Her boyfriend wants her to move on, and she really dislikes her wealthy and famous boss in Paris, but she just feels that she can’t go until she has some kind of sign.

She returns to the house her brother and his girlfriend lived in and talks to her boyfriend in the US on the phone, and all the while she senses a dark presence but nothing solid. Until she starts to get mysterious text messages. What’s really going on? Is she…

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