The Fishing Trip

The 5 am alarm had just gone off, and it was signaling it was time for Jane to wake up. As a new year resolution, she had decided to reduce her weight by exercising and observing her the past years, she had accumulated a lot of weight for living an unhealthy lifestyle of eating fast foods, and she barely exercised.


She prepared herself quickly putting on her jogging pants and sneakers and left to jog. Her jogging track involved running around a lake that was a few miles from her home. She always looked forward to jog because she had met this amazing and good looking guy who was a fisherman. Jogging in the morning was so convenient for her given that there were not many people to distract her. Also, it enabled her to start her day feeling fresh and rejuvenated.


The weather that night had been so conducive and Mike had spent the whole night on the lake fishing. Most of the times, Mike and Jane usually met during this morning hours as he was returning from his fishing expeditions. They had developed feelings for one another, but no one had disclosed their emotions to the other.


But this morning something was different, Mike had returned earlier than usual, and so they did not meet. This day, Jane too was so preoccupied with the items of the report she was to present that day to the management. She did not even notice that the fisherman had left early that day.


Just before she finished the final lap around the lake she saw something unusual and decided to check. As she slowly approached the grassy patch, she noticed a big brown bag lying concealed by the tall grass. Drawing closer she realized the bag had some blood stains on it, and she was immediately engulfed in fear. Could it be Mike’s body stashed in that bag? She started wondering.  “Had her boyfriend killed someone and hid their body in the bag?”


She wanted to call the police when Mike emerged, but she couldn’t let him get close. “How could you?” she shouted at him. “I cannot continue dating a murderer; I have to report this.” Mike got confused. “Can I explain?” he pleaded.  It was at that moment that she Jane realized that Mike dressed differently. “I have been waiting for this moment, to show you something” he explained.

“ would you like to accompany me to try my new fishing gear this weekend, will you?”.


She had been waiting for this moment for Mike to ask her out for a date. Jane was so confused, how could she be so judgmental? “Sure, I would love to.” After a short chat, they parted after agreeing to meet that weekend for the fishing.