Stuffed mushrooms

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There are many ways to prepare stuffed mushrooms, from using different ingredients for the filling, to preparing them in a vegetable based sauce. I’ve prepared them through the years many times and I try to use different filling every time I do, so this is one of my favourite versions you can try out. It’s a fairly simple one, using beef mince, bell pepper and bacon with lovely seasoning, and what wouldn’t be delicious with a bit of bacon, for all of you who aren’t vegan or vegetarian of course!

I’ve already posted a number of recipes using mushrooms, that are both a great idea for lunch, as well as for dinner. You can check them out and pick which one you like best?

Fried chicken, mushrooms & mashed potatoes Fried chicken drumsticks, oyster mushrooms, mashed potatoes & tartar sauce

Steak in mushroom sauce & gnocchi Steak in mushroom sauce & gnocchi

Mushroom risotto Mushroom risotto (Vegetarian)

baked-pork-chops-with-pumpkin-and-oyster-mushrooms Baked pork chops with pumpkin & oyster…

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Homemade gnocchi with chicken breast and red chili jam

Cooking Without Limits


For a long time I wanted to make gnocchi. I saw a recipe at the TV and it looked so easy, so I thought I can manage to do gnocchi alone. 3 ingredients and you have an amazing dish on your table. I already add them to my “Easy to do” list.

Ingredients for gnocchi:

  • 2 potatoes
  • 2 cups of flour
  • 1 egg


In a pot add water and salt and let it boil. Peel the potatoes and add them in the pot. Cook them for 15 minutes. They should be firm and tender. Drain, cool and mash them with a fork.

In a bowl combine the egg, flour and mash potatoes. Knead until you have a ball. Shape small portions of the dough into long “snakes” and then cut them in small 2cm pieces.

Bring a large pot to boil. Drop in the gnocchi and cook them for…

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Baked Cod, Potatoes, and Tomatoes (Merluzzo, Patate e Pomodori al Forno)

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If it’s too hot right now to turn on the oven where you are, save this recipe for later, because it is easy and delicious. Cod, potatoes, and tomatoes are all cooked together in the oven with garlic and herbs (the tomatoes with basil, the cod and potatoes with rosemary). The only difficult part to get right is the timing, because the potatoes should be golden when the fish is just cooked through. Cod is even more susceptible to overcooking than other types of fish, and will become bland and dry if you are not careful. And so the potatoes and tomatoes go in the oven 10 minutes before the fish. To take the guesswork out of getting the fish right, it is advisable to use a thermometer with a probe.

If you pull the fish at a core temperature of 45C/113F (taking into account it will continue to cook…

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Roast duck, potatoes & pumpkin

Recipes by chefkreso

Every time someone mentions roasted duck I think of Christmas or Easter or any other occasion my family gets together and hangs out. I have to admit, there is rarely an occasion that we all really get together, because my brother has a family of his own and my sister has her family. When we get together there is always a lot of food, either duck roast, or pork roast or even both. The point is, not only do I love my family gatherings I love roasted duck!

A few days ago I was reading an interesting article about the history of roasted Beijing duck. It’s interesting how a dish like roasted duck, which my grandma used to make almost every weekend, was actually prepared hundreds and hundreds of years ago in China.

First mention of a roasted duck dates bake to the Complete Recipes for Dishes and Beverages from…

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Farmers Casserole

What's for Dinner Moms?

Trying to keep these long days free and avoiding the kitchen as much as possible? This casserole is great! You can make it in the morning (or the night before if you want to cook it for breakfast). Let it rest while you are at work and pop it in the oven 55 minutes before you want it on the table.  That’s enough time to play a game, make a salad, and set the table!


This is one of those casseroles you can make all your own. Change the meat. Change the cheese. Change the spices. Add more vegetables. It is yours to play with.

My daughter was already coming up with different combinations – bacon and Swiss, hot Italian sausage with Monterey jack cheese, ….

Serve this with a green side salad and a bowl of fruit to make a complete meal.

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