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Cube steak with mushroom gravy is a hearty and inexpensive family dinner featuring tender seasoned cubed steak smothered in a luxurious brown gravy. Reach for that cast iron pan, dust off some memories of grandma’s kitchen, and step back in time with this old-fashioned dish brimming with flavor. It is hard to find a more…

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Steak in mushroom sauce & gnocchi

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Did it ever happen to you that after staying somewhere, like a vacation destination for too long, you start calling it your home?.. Not specifically, it just pops up when you’re at the store talking to a friend on your phone and you say ~ ‘I’ll call you when I get home’ thinking of the apartment where you’re staying. It happens to me quite often, and when it does I know I grew fond of the destination where I am, I know that the trip was worth it because I’m relaxed and enjoying myself enough to call it a home. It’s like that for me here, on the island of Vir, home away from home, at least for the next week or so.


I’ve travelled a lot, and visited many places, there have been those I would gladly call my home, and those I wouldn’t visit ever again even if…

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