5 Ways to Manage Depression

Feeling blue over the last few days? Not finding any way out of the gloomy world of depression? You are not alone. Depression is a state of mind that everyone goes through at least once in a lifetime.
Failures in life, the death of loved ones, serious illnesses or other personal problems cause depression in millions of people. While some depressive disorders are serious enough to warrant therapy to overcome them, the common depressions can be managed by doing some simple things on your own.
Here are 5 most effective ways to manage depression in your life.

Exercise often

Exercising for 15-20 minutes or going for a brisk walk for about half an hour will do wonders in improving your mood making you feel better. The reason behind this is the release of the hormone serotonin. This hormone gets released with increased flow of oxygen in the blood, which is an effect of the physical activities like walking or exercising. Walking also helps in releasing oxytocin, which is the hormone released during lovemaking or bonding and is known to free the mind of worries and anxieties.

Set small goals

A major impact of depression is the loss of confidence in one’s self. People who are depressed may feel that they cannot accomplish anything in life and are nothing more than failures.
This negative self-image can be mitigated by taking on responsibilities and setting small goals which can be achieved. With these small accomplishments, the depressing thoughts will slowly fade away. Setting goals like doing the laundry or cooking a meal are good enough to begin with. As you start meeting these goals, confidence levels start building up again and you would find depression taking a back seat gradually.

Switch to a healthy diet

While there is no evidence that those hamburgers and hotdogs play any role in making one depressed, there is ample evidence that eating healthy foods can lift one out of a state of depression. Foods containing folic acid (avocado and spinach) and omega-3 fatty acids (tuna or salmon) are good anti-depressants and regular consumption of these can help to a great extent in fighting depression.

Combat the negative thoughts

This might sound difficult at the beginning, but at some point of time, you need to confront the negative thoughts. Running away from them would pull you deep in the dungeons of depression.
You need to think what is causing the depression and what’s the best that you can do to get out of the slump you’re in. Many times, self-analysis can eliminate negative thoughts which in turn will boost your low morale. If you feel that you are a failure, you need to ask what makes you think so. Finding an answer to this would open the floodgates of solutions to prove your worth and succeed in life once again.

Take prescription medicines

If you feel that doing any of the common things is not helping you come out of depression, you would need to consult a psychotherapist for help. Taking prescribed doses of antidepressant pills will certainly help you come out of the depression. However, as these medications have certain side effects like loss of libido or weight gain, one should refrain from taking them as much as possible.

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Can Homeopathy Help People With Mental and/or Behavior Problems (Autism, ADHD, Depression)?

From its very beginnings, homeopathy has helped and cured people with mental and psychiatric problems. In 1792, 4 years before the founder of homeopathy Samuel Hahnemann, MD, published his findings on homeopathy, he cured the insane man Klockenbrink and had him live with him in his own house.

At that time, mentally ill and insane persons were chained in asylums when they were raging. Hahnemann had come up with plans for a psychiatric hospital in 1790!

So there is a long history of homeopathic cure of mental and behavioral problems. Homeopathy is still effective with mental and behavior problems today.

In our day, the homeopathic Swiss pediatrician Dr. Heiner Frei, MD, has fine-tuned the treatment of ADHD in children, and when done with the right homeopathic methods, the success rate is around 70% – without any side effects for the child.

Dr. Heiner Frei has conducted the now famous Berne ADS/ADHS Double Blind Study from 2000 to 2005. The study was consistent with strict standards of conventional medicine and has proven the efficiency of homeopathy as a scientific method.

Homeopathy is reported to be effective in the treatment of autism too. You can find many case stories on the internet for details. The treatment of autism takes a lot longer than the treatment of ADHS.


Which Mental Illnesses Can be Treated with Homeopathy?

According to Dr. Carlos N. Cámpora MD, (Argentina), homeopathy can cure or palliate nearly every mental illness.

In general, fears, phobias including social phobias, obsessional neuroses, disturbances in learning, ADHS in children, depression and many other mental illnesses respond well to homeopathic treatment.



Why do Mentally Ill Persons Choose Homeopathy?

Like many other patients, they opt for homeopathy because conventional treatment is not effective and comes with side effects.

In most cases, homeopathy can completely replace pharmaceutical drugs. However, sometimes both conventional and homeopathic therapy are needed temporarily. Examples for this need are the initial phase of homeopathic treatment when the curative remedy is being sought, or when a person has been on psychopharmaca or psychiatric drugs. Those drugs must be reduced gradually before they are no longer needed.

Psychiatric drugs can be addictive which makes it hard to withdraw. Homeopathy helps to avoid or reduce the typical symptoms of relapse and withdrawal once the drug is stopped. It also improves the general well-being of an individual, which makes the transition easier.

Homeopathic remedies are not addictive.


Where are the Limits of Homeopathy?

This question is hard to answer. Experience shows that the limits of homeopathy are found in the individual case. Of course, homeopathy cannot cure a dementia which has been caused by an illness of blood vessels because destroyed tissue cannot be cured. However, frequently a general improvement and a slowdown of the progression of the illness can be achieved.

On the other hand, schizophrenics, mentally retarded and endogen depression have been completely cured by experienced homeopathic psychiatrists.