Shamrock icecream soda

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Shamrock Ice Cream Soda
Servings: 1 Serving

3-4 Tablespoons Peppermint Syrup
2 Large Scoops Mint Chip Ice Cream
8 oz. Club Soda
Whipped Cream
Maraschino Cherry

Add peppermint syrup to the bottom of a glass. Add ice cream. Fill glass with club soda. Garnish with whipped cream and cherry.


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Magic Shell Ice Cream Topping

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This will blow your mind! You won’t believe the secret ingredient to this delicious magical chocolate syrup that is a warm liquid but when you pour it over your ice cream it turns into a hard shell of creamy delicious chocolate! This is just like the Magic Shell Ice Cream Topping Smucker’s sells! Well now you can make your own at a fraction of the cost and in my opinion, even tastes better! This recipe makes about 3/4 cup and can be stored for up to 2 months at room temperature in an air tight container. Enjoy because we sure did!

Source: Cook’s Kitchen Hacks




In a small bowl stir together vanilla, espresso powder

and salt until salt and espresso powder is dissolved.


Place the chocolate chips and coconut oil

into a small microwave safe bowl.

Microwave at 50% power for 2-4 minutes

until melted, stirring frequently.


It is ready when…

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Homemade Ice Cream

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How To Make The Best Homemade Ice Cream
ByVanessa Greaves
Discover how easy it is to make delicious homemade ice cream that rivals what you’d stand in line for at the best ice cream shops. Once you learn the basics, you can turn out your own small-batch artisanal frozen desserts (you could totally call it that) in any flavor imaginable. Get ready, here’s how to make ice cream at home!

French or Philly?

Homemade ice cream comes in two basic styles: Custard-style (also calledFrench) and Philadelphia-style (also calledNew YorkorAmerican).

  • Custard-style ice creamstarts with a cooked base enriched with egg yolks, sugar, and cream. This style of ice cream has the smoothest, creamiest, richest texture and flavor.
  • Philadelphia-style ice creamcontains no eggs, eliminating the need to cook a base. The texture is lighter and more delicate than custard-style ice…

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