Chicken vegetable stew

Recipes by chefkreso

The cold days are behind  us, at least they should be since it is middle of spring but for a few days now it’s been colder than some days in March. At one moment you can’t see a cloud in sight and the sun is up, and then in the next everything changes and the rain cleans the streets while a cold wind chases away the few who wanted to enjoy a day in the park.

Every time it is cold I get that craving for comfort food, something to warm me up and at the same time cheer me up. My family has a lot of stew recipes and the one that is great in spring is Chicken vegetable stew, since spring is the best time to find all kinds of vegetables at your local market.

Easy to make, this hearty stew will warm you up any day of…

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Green pea soup with crispy bacon

Recipes by chefkreso

Last week I was at the seaside taking walks on the beach and enjoying every ray of sunshine, but returning to Zagreb it took me a few days to adapt to the low temperatures that welcomed me back. It’s even hard to believe that a day ago it was snowing near Zagreb and this part of year everybody should be barbecuing outside. We are also planning a family barbecue next weekend so hope the sun will finally bring up the mid-April-winter temperatures.

Until then we are left with hearty soups and stews to keep us warm. One of the tastiest soups in my cookbook is Green pea soup with crispy bacon. I know what you’re going to say, there isn’t a thing that couldn’t be delicious with a touch of bacon. But this soup is for some even better without bacon, I just love the crispy bacon on top. It consist of…

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