No Use                 (Flash Fiction- Macabre)

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“When an animal out lives its usefulness, you put it down.” That’s what I was taught since I was five. That day, father spoke this phrase to me as Fitsy our Australian shepard who refused to chase sheep anymore, was shot in the head. I was told to watch and was forbidden to cry . It’s the same phrase he repeated right before my fat bunny, Harriet’s neck was snapped and fed to me for dinner. I learned my lesson and didn’t get attatched to animals after that. Humans are animals. Sometimes they are the worst kind of animal, I think.

So it makes no sense why I am being forced to spoon feed and wipe the ass of the mean bastard who drilled this into my brain for years. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s only right to let my father live and die by his values. I’m…

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Flash Fiction:The Purrrfect Crime

Sara Codair

Generally, when I write cat stories for Cracked Flash Fiction Competition, they don’t win. Sometimes, I write cat stories anyways.

The Purrrfect Crime

By Sara Codair

“I taught you to pick locks and this is how you use that skill?” Grandma gaped at me, gourd-shaped eyes enlarged by her glasses.

I shrugged.

“Our family has a reputation to uphold!”

My cheeks burned. I relinquished eye contact and stared at my sneakers. There was a hole in the tongue, and a piece of sole peeped out from under my toes.

“You have nothing to say for yourself?”

“She was cold and hungry.”

“A lot of people are cold and hungry,” spat Grandma.

“But she was so skinny, like her kittens were sucking the life right out of her!”

Grandma shook her head. “You could have at least taken something useful while you were in there. They have to keep all their…

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