Cheeseburger Tortellini Casserole

What's for Dinner Moms?

Whenever anyone asks how I come up with different meals I tell them take the things you like and the flavors you like and turn them into something else. Sandwiches turn into casserole or pizzas can be turned in soups.

My kids ask for simple meals like a hamburger or hot dog every so often. So, I had a bag of cheese tortellini to use. Why not combine all the flavors of cheeseburgers that we love with the tortellini to make cheeseburger tortellini?


This dish got mixed reviews. The adults liked it more than the kids. My daughter didn’t want so much mustard flavor and my son wanted less relish. Make sure you taste the recipe if you try it and adjust the flavors to what your family likes. I served this with chopped onion and tomatoes on the side to use as topping because that is what makes…

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