The Ninth Birthday Wish

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Written by Bruce E. Arrington | Illustrated by Florence Jayne

Birthday wishes for twins? Bril and Arisa, though twins they may be, are so very unlike, as you will soon see. Their wishes are different as sea is from land, but watch what happens with what they had planned! 



I’m not sure why the cover artwork is so different from the style on the inside pages. I really would have liked to see a custom cover that matched the rest of the artwork. The current cover is a bit lackluster and really doesn’t communicate the “adventure” vibe of the story.

A great scene from the book combined with a stronger title treatment would do wonders.


I enjoyed the traditional approach to illustrating this book. The brushwork adds a lot of nice texture.

The typesetting could be improve a little. The font choice isn’t particularly child-friendly, and…

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