More From Old Wethersfield

No Facilities

Thursday Doors Schedule Update – There will be no Thursday Doors post here on August 18th. Accordingly, there will be no Recap post on Sunday August 21st. I know, that’s a month away, but since some people don’t participate every week, I will include this announcement each Thursday between now and then.

From the title, you may have guessed that I have a few more doors from the historic district in Old Wethersfield, Connecticut. I don’t have any detailed information about any of these houses, but I am revisiting one door that I shared last week – the gray house with the turret.

Frank, from Beach Walk Reflections mentioned in his comment: “A question about the turret house … I’ve got the feeling that house sits on a corner, so you captured the side door. (Great view BTW) … correct?”

Frank was right. That house is…

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