Primary Emotions

A Unique Title For Me

Shame is a human emotion that contains embarrassment, guilt, regret and remorse.  Shame is generally a feeling about how you view yourself, whereas guilt is feeling about what you have done to another.  A person that has been caught in the act of doing something that is deemed to be wrong (like a boy caught masturbating) would probably feel shame.  Shame is seen as the result of someone not behaving in accordance with public norms and standards, or it can be derived from being embarrassed because you were exposed.  Adam and Eve were not ashamed walking around naked in the Garden of Eden, until they committed a sin, which opened their eyes and they felt like they needed to sew some fig leaves together to cover themselves.  Eve grabbed some fig leaves and she said, “Wow, that was some special fruit, as I am seeing things in ways that I have never…

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