WQW #17: What’s That Smell?

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Welcome back, WQWers

I hope you all who celebrate it had a great Mother’s Day and are enjoying great weather. Vince and I enjoyed a trip to California to visit his son and girlfriend and several close friends. It’s good to be back home again with all of you.

I Smell Something Fishy Here

Relaxing on a teal bench, Manny sniffs the air.

Today’s title, “What’s that smell?” comes from Vince’s response when he opened the refrigerator door when we got back. I wasn’t going to use it, but Terri Webster Schrandt and I had a good laugh about it, so there it is.

aqua fish platter
Aqua fish platter in a store window

smelly sea lion enjoying the pier in a fishing town

“I think about how smells are personal. Not only can a smell trigger memories, each of us can smell something different from the…

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