Electronic Press Kit: What it is, What to Include and How

Becks | Music Marketer

An Electronic Press Kit, or EPK, almost acts like a CV for an artist or band.

It contains all the performer’s information which can then be then shared with any number of people including marketers, publicists, managers etc.

They are often used for promotional purposes such as to announce an upcoming release or show.

So, what should I definitely include in my EPK?

  • Images
    • Show off your identity with well-shot images.
    • Use both professionally taken and on-stage, off the cuff images for a well-rounded portfolio.
  • Short Biography
    • Introduce yourself to the reader.
    • Keep it brief but include the ‘headlines’.
    • This could be any notable moments or any major success stories you’ve had so far.
    • This is where you can really hook someone in.
  • Music
    • It’s not enough to just tell people you’re great, you’ve gotta let them hear it for themselves.
    • Depending on how you present your EPK, these can…

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