5 More FREE Ways to Promote Your Music

Becks | Music Marketer

Upload Your Lyrics on Lyric Sites Like

Lyric websites are just another pitstop on the internet where people can find your music.

Websites like allow anyone to upload their lyrics. All you need is an account. 

Other websites have a stricter process for uploading but it’s definitely worth giving them a go.

If you can upload your content to these mega-sites, DO IT.

Create a Lyric Video

Lyric videos can be free to make.

Websites like are a good place to start! 

Not only can you make lyric videos from behind your laptop (aka, you don’t even need to get dressed), you can share them on any platform you want.

YouTube, Instagram, your website, TikTok, the list goes on and on.

Just by creating that one video, you have given yourself a bounty of content.

Share it on Forums

Places like Reddit are a great way to do some self-promotion.

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