Pesach on the Boat


Misconceptions abound regarding all Jewish holidays, yet none so widespread as those concerning Pesach (Passover). Some think that Pesach is a two-day holiday, while anyone who has been to Israel is certain that it is only one day. Others believe that it actually consists of two holidays, two days each, with a few days in the interim. Still others have heard that the holiday lasts for a week, and I have heard comments about Jews being lucky, having an extra vacation for a whole week. The latter opinion is actually close to the truth. The holiday of Passover lasts for eight (in Israel seven) days, as we are commanded, “For seven days, you shall eat unleavened bread” (Exodus 12:15); however, only on the first two days we abstain from all work as we do on major holidays decreed by the Torah. It is further commanded that “You shall eat…

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