Sunday’s Six Sentence Story Word Prompt!

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Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge and Sunday’s prompt word reveal for Six Sentence Stories!
Oh, my gosh… a little after 2:00 pm 2:30pm in Northern Virginia and I haven’t eaten breakfast yet. But I’ll get to “blunch” eventually. First things first. This day begins a new week. A week I hope for you is nothing but good, inspirational – in essence, all that you would have it be. With all manner of story ideas tapping you on the shoulder, new characters (or not)  whispering secrets, confiding in recent discoveries or heck, grabbing you by the hand and taking you on a trip to undiscovered territories. Writing is magical. Writing brings humor and laughter, provides release of energy both positive and negative, it is a gateway to wherever we want, need or wish to be. I am honored to host the Six Sentence Story Blog Hop and offer opportunity to share your stories…

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