Back to Basics: Jams

The Culinary Storyteller

There are many different types of jams out there. Some are more common than others but they have the same technique. Today we’re focusing on strawberry jam because it’s the most popular and everyone knows it.

When it comes to making jams you will need the following components. Your fruit base, sweetener, acid, and seasoning. For strawberry jam, your fruit base will be strawberries. I like to use fresh but if you can’t get your hands on fresh produce, frozen products will work just fine. You will need to defrost it first or cook it longer to get rid of the moisture. For sweeteners, the most common will be sugar. It helps your fruit to caramelize and binds it all together. Plus, it helps get rid of the tart flavor found in fruits Most commonly used when making jams is regular white sugar. You can use brown sugar or cane…

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