thanks Mom, my lips are officially on fire…


…anytime, son, anytime.

Food Taster is one of the pickiest eaters I know, so when he begged for Kimchi Udon, I simply could not refuse. I was puzzled by such an unlikely request from the Crown Prince of macaroni & cheese, especially since he asked for the heat and voracity of authentic gochugaru peppers and spices. Kimchi Udon is a heavenly union of Korean fermented vegetables and thick Japanese wheat noodles – savory, spicy and so beautiful it became the hero photo for my blog. It is unforgivingly addictive in the OMG-this-is-so-hot-I’m-going-to-die-but-maybe-just-one-more-bite way.

Plus, there’s bacon.

Food Taster joined us for dinner and was put to work

the kimchi base

Kimchi might be one of the more polarizing elements in Asian cooking – love it or hate it. I first tried kimchi after college at some of the many fabulous…

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