Saturday Swapit #14


Welcome to another Saturday Swapit, an idea to share success stories and perhaps those not quite successful as well as thoughts and ideas on the subject of food and diets.  Hopefully this will provide support to others whose original enthusiasm has begun to wane or things are starting to stall. There again, it can simply be used to have a good moan about why things aren’t going as well as they should be.
To join in, write a post about your experiences and pingback to this one, then leave a link in the comments, or if you prefer, just leave a comment below.
Thanks again to those who added theirs last week.
I am not, nor do I claim to be, a professional dietician, nutritionist or diet programme consultant.
I rejoined SW in May 2019 and have managed to stay within my target parameters since August 2019.
Anyone who…

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