Cheese Scones

Brookford Kitchen Diaries

I’ve given you a really cheesey scone before (you can find it here), a spiced red onion and cheese scone (here) and even a Christmas cheese, onion and olive scone (here), but today it’s the turn of the cheese and a little bit of mustard scone.

Not as cheesey as the really cheesey scone, but not so much mustard that all you can taste is mustard, this is the perfect scone for dipping into soup or just having on its own with a lot of (real) butter and a cup of tea. And it has to be real butter – scones need real butter, the cholesterol friendly substitutes just won’t do. I won’t tell your GP if you don’t tell mine.

I made a roasted pumpkin soup to have with it. Souper easy (see what I did there?) I roasted some wedges of pumpkin (don’t…

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