When You Need An Angel ~ [Trigger Warning]

The Ramblings of E.M. Kingston

Image Credit: Sunday Whirl

Dawn rose against the dark clouds in the distance. The things that happened last night seemed to feel like a blur. She remembered they had laughed. She remembered that her glass kept filling up again and again. She felt pain in her arms as she stretched them up towards the sky, and she did not know the surroundings that greeted her as she awoke in her own presence. What had he done to her?

The tips of her fingers were covered in crimson, and the dress that shouldered its way down her body looked tattered and torn. It was nearly falling off. The mists of the morning dew sat atop the hairs that stood up on her neck as she discovered her appearance. Even without a mirror, she could feel the pain aching all over her skin.

She cried for a moment, in

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