Pork vindaloo

Mears kitchen

This recipe came from the newspaper which said they got it from America’s Test Kitchen. It purports to be a less spicy version of a Goan dish. It’s still pretty spicy. Of course, I have no experience (that I know of) with Goan cooking, so maybe it’s so very hot that this is tame by comparison. You should feel free to use less of the hot components. This is a longish low bake in the oven. I did bake it, but a slow cooker would be good too. Make it on the weekend. Your house will smell good, and if you make it in the amount described, there will be leftovers for lunch.  

The ingredients:

3 lb. (or so) boneless pork butt;

4 dried guajillo chiles;

1-2 inch piece of fresh ginger;

3 tablespoons chopped garlic;

1 cup diced onion;

1/2 cup cider vinegar;

2 tablespoons regular oil; 

1 tablespoon…

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