Lavish – #DailyHaikuChallenge and Invitation




Flame of Fall Color

Sweet Ethereal Caress

Luxurious Sensation


Today’& rsquo; s Haiku notes the start of a Daily Haiku Difficulty I am devoting to for the next YEAR! 🙂 A Difficulty worth endeavor, I think. A method of Sharing the emotion of the period, as time slides with the glass. A way to record Time.

I want to Welcome any and also all that may care to participate to join me. A Year is a Significant commitment, I easily admit it, however that is what Challenges are All About 🙂 (just link back to this article when you post your Daily Haiku and also Delighted Haiku-ing 🙂

I eagerly anticipate reviewing what you may have to offer.

Day 1

~ Morgan ~

… Beautiful Photograph

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Lavish – #DailyHaikuChallenge and Invitation
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