#TankaTuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 254, #SpecificForm

Word Craft: Prose & Poetry


Time is flying by! It’s the fifth Tuesday of November 2021! This is our chance to work with a specific syllabic poetry form. Take this opportunity to learn more about the particular form.

This week’s form is:

tanka prose

Here’s a quick review of the tanka prose form:

We typically write tanka prose in the 5-7-5-7-7 or s/l/s/l/l five-line syllabic structure.Tanka prose should contain a title.There is one basic requirement in writing tanka prose: one paragraph, and one tanka.

There are two basic forms in classic tanka prose: Preface (explanation) and the Poem Tale (episodic narration).Tanka prose does not rhyme.

Preface (explanation): This is where your prose quickly sets the scene, along with an accompanying tanka poem.

Poem Tale (episodic narration): The poem tale/episodic narration is where you share a more personal experience through your prose. In this type of tanka prose, your poem shares a beginning…

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