On Chili Con Queso

The Real Cooking Maggie

Hey there everyone, and happy belated Easter to all those who celebrated this past weekend! I know for me, I was very lucky to get to spend it with both of my families (my parents came to town to bring more furniture and to help us break in the house a little bit more, though with the new cookie orders I’m digging into, I have definitely been putting my double ovens through their paces). No major meal endeavors yet, and while I was super tempted to do a full Easter spread…maybe not the week after we do a full life move…so next time!! =)

Speaking of cookies, I AM OPEN FOR BUSINESS AGAIN (Esty shop here)! I did a quick check on how many cookies I did in 2020, and so far I’m only 300 cookies away from surpassing last year’s cookie count of 935…For someone who is…

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