BLOG #7: Hammerin’ Hank

Jet Baseball Talk

Hank Aaron was bigger than baseball. For someone I never had the pleasure of watching play live, I am fortunate to have learned his story and substantial impact on all generations of the baseball community. Born in Mobile, Alabama, Aaron idolized Jackie Robinson – the Brooklyn Dodgers first basemen who broke the MLB color barrier in 1947 (and obviously achieved so much more). Robinson came to Mobile the following summer, in 1948, to speak out against segregation and racial injustice. He ultimately helped reveal the life of baseball and the life of activism to a young Hank Aaron, who at the time wanted nothing more than to be just like Jackie. Growing up in an underprivileged household, Aaron lived with his seven siblings and was unable to afford luxury items, such as baseball equipment. As a child, he was forced to use sticks and bottle caps as a substitute for…

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