Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Purples and Violets

Cee’& rsquo; s

Picture Challenges This’week & rsquo; s CFFC subject is Purples and also Violets in another words black and white in shade. Be imaginative and mainly have a lot of fun.

This challenge both new and also archived pictures are permitted. The major objective of this obstacle is to create neighborhood and get to know each various other through digital photography.

Included Bloggers

I had a wonderful response from all of you on recently’& rsquo; s 90 % needs to be all one color difficulty. I intend to thank per of you for signing up with along in my challenge. Below are the highlighted blog writers for this week. Their articles really ordered my focus. They are all worthwhile of a second or third look.

    • Traveling with Me
    • The New 3 Rs: Retirement, Recharge and Reconnect
    • Odds and ends: The Next Part
    • Une Picture, un poeme
    • The Day After
    • Walk

Existing Challenge Collection –– Colors

  • Pink and Yellow (independently or integrated)

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Purples and Violets
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