G2: how to heal


Your body is not small.

The total surface area of the human lung could be spread to the height of a brachiosaurus.

If you want to heal,
you must first
find every bruised place.

Your body is not obvious.
It sheds forty thousand cells
every minute,
and who knows how many of those
were the last to remember
the bruising?

Just in case,
count their ancestors
in your census
of pain.
Even a cell can inherit a wound.

you must tell somebody
where it hurts.

You have to be specific,
and this may take some time.

The human heart beats 100,000 times per day.

If you want to speak to someone about the beat that was broken,

they will want to see it. They will have to search for it.

They will sift through everything you keep in the pockets of those rhythms.

Together, you may find some old…

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Red Herring Games: Navigating a Business During a Pandemic

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Ever wanted to gather your friends around a dinner table and accuse them of murder? Hopefully, your friend group dynamic has never actually got that dark — but that is the general concept behind Red Herring Games’ murder mystery games! Groups get together, dress up to fit the setting of the game — from the Orient Express, to a 1920s house party — and play the characters assigned to them in order to guess the murderer in their midst. 

Red Herring Games are masters at this concept and have won numerous awards for their murder mystery games, including the Small Awards: Home and Away Award. They were named one of the 2016 Top 100 Small Business Saturday winners which led to them exhibiting at No. 10 Downing Street (headquarters of the British Prime Minister).

However, the onset of COVID-19 obviously made group gatherings difficult and had a huge impact on…

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Hollywood Reacts to Joe Biden’s DNC Address: ‘The Speech of His Life’ — Variety

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s speech accepting the Democratic party’s nomination for president was met with wide praise from across the entertainment industry. “Nothing ‘sleepy’ about that speech,” said writer-producer Damon Lindelof (“Watchmen”) to Variety. Lindelof was a vocal supporter for Sen. Elizabeth Warren in the primary election, but he said that Biden’s speech left him convinced…

Hollywood Reacts to Joe Biden’s DNC Address: ‘The Speech of His Life’ — Variety


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Your Daily Word Prompt – #Frustrate – #YDWordPrompt August 20, 2020

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Today’s Word:    Frustrate 

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verb (used with object), frus·trat·ed, frus·trat·ing

  • to make (plans, efforts, etc.) worthless or of no avail; defeat; nullify:The student’s indifference frustrated the teacher’s efforts to help him.
  • to disappoint or thwart (a person):a talented woman whom life had frustrated.

verb (used without object), frus·trat·ed, frus·trat·ing

  • to become frustrated:His trouble is that he frustrates much too…

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‘Black-ish’ Star Tracee Ellis Ross Talks Emmys, Getting Back to Work and Her Big-Screen Singing Debut (Watch) — Variety

Tracee Ellis Ross certainly welcomes the Television Academy nominating a record number of Black actors for 2020 Emmys, but she also recognizes that it’s long overdue. “It’s about time,” Ross, who goes into the big night as a four-time nominee for her work as Dr. Rainbow Johnson on ABC’s “Black-ish,” says on Thursday’s episode of…

‘Black-ish’ Star Tracee Ellis Ross Talks Emmys, Getting Back to Work and Her Big-Screen Singing Debut (Watch) — Variety