La Vie En Rose


Give your broken heart and soul to me

I’ll collect all the pieces that are left

Bind them together as one

From heaven to hell,

I promise that I can

Sway all these stern obstacles

When you get lost among the crowd

You don’t know where to go

Even how far you wander

You’ll come back home

I’m residing in your heart,

As there’s no place I ever dreamt to be

Even when I’m stranded afar

I believe, you’ll always find me

I’m by your side

“Your embrace is my new home”

I’ll savour this thought of mine

That here, I’m all assured

Can I heal you?

Can I stitch these wounds?

That made you so fragile

I’ll rout this darkness

Peneterated in your heart

Filled it with hatred,

Made you ambiguous

Only by the touch of this melody

The aura of my scent

Can cure your broken soul


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