Rochelle Wisoff-Fields-Addicted to Purple

An additional idea struck me today and also chose why not double dip? This is what occurs when an individual wakes before 04:00 with her mind on spin cycle. A passionate thank you to my mother that rested me down with my bro’& rsquo; s Gregg textbook as well as urged I discover to kind. I argued, “& ldquo; What does an artist requirement with keying?”

& rdquo; PICTURE PROMPT & copy; Jeff Arnold

Genre: Suspicious

Word Count: 100


& ldquo; Q is for quill which is what Charles Dickens used to write his tales.


W is for the white-out I would require were I utilizing a hand-operated machine.

E is for satisfied closings.

R is for ruminations, renderings and also defenses. It’& rsquo; s additionally the initial letter in my name.

T is for typewriter. Visualize writing an unique in longhand. Hats off to Christopher Latham Sholes.

Y is for the past when life was easier. Was it truly?”

& rdquo; Rochelle researched her & hellip;

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