How to Keep Motivated to Reach your Potential

Making the choice to unlock your potential is a big commitment. It will be worth the effort, but it’s smart to set up built-in motivation before you need it. There may be setbacks and times when you question if the goal is really worth the time and energy it requires to reach it. When you hit a slump, or come up against self-doubt, here are some ways to get back your motivation to continue taking the action steps required to unlock the potential inside you. 


Look back at what you’ve already accomplished

Occasionally, you may feel like you are working hard, but getting nowhere. This can dampen your enthusiasm for sure. But you’ve done more than what you realize! Go back through your planner or goal journal and refresh your memory of all the small steps you’ve taken that add up to getting you much closer to reaching the goals you’ve set for yourself.


Hang around with like-minded people
When you first make the decision to go for your goal in a big way, you should look for support to help you achieve it. Having the chance to hang out with others who have the same goal is an important way to learn new things and get support. It’s easy now to find people with the same ambitions – look online in forums or look at options in your local area. Many times, you can find a group who meets regularly to be there for you when you need a boost.


Use a sounding board

Talking out where you are stuck can be a huge help! Choose one of the people in your support group or even a sympathetic friend or relative to use as a sounding board. Even if they haven’t been in your exact situation before, they will have experienced something in their lives similar enough that they will be able to empathize. They don’t necessarily need to give you advice; they just need to listen. Many times, just having someone to talk a problem out with can help you easily find the solution.


Break tasks down into smaller pieces

Taking on big goals can be frightening. If you are feeling like you can’t deal with a particular action you need to take to move on, try breaking it down into several pieces. That will make it feel more manageable, and you will be able to see success more quickly as you check smaller tasks off your list.

Determining If Your Ideas Are Good

What’s the difference between a good idea and bad idea? Well, there are a lot of possible answers. The easiest one is that a good idea is, well, good. A good idea resonates within its given community. It has legs. People like it. They get behind it. They support it. They own it. Why? Because the idea fills a need in that particular community. Now, let’s look at a bad idea. It’s bad because it doesn’t resonate. It hits discordant notes within the community that it should benefit. Because of this, the bad idea doesn’t gain as much support as the good idea. The good idea is accepted, the bad idea isn’t.

Now this process isn’t relative or literal. Some communities can agree on what are perceived to be good ideas when in fact they are bad ideas. History is littered with examples of this behavior. Back in the 19th and early 20th centuries medicines were filled with substances that are now illegal. Cola soft drinks actually contained cocaine. Cough syrups actually contained heroin. Did they work? Of course they did. Were they good ideas? At the time, yes. In retrospect, no.

Good ideas depend upon the social context they were formed in. Gladiator fights to the death were a solid idea back in ancient Rome. Today, an idea for these types of fights probably needs a bit of rethinking. In the same vein, human sacrifice was once a great way to avoid bad karma and guarantee an ample crop to boot. Today, we know that the act of killing someone has no direct relation to the weather or the price of tea in China. The point here is that our accepted social behavior may have adapted, but the motivators that govern our actual behavior haven’t kept up the pace.

Your brain is an idea machine. It will constantly observe the environment, take in information and try to make connections between what was observed and what was already observed. These connections are the source of rational thought. They are also the source of creative thought. The difference between rational and creative thought is direction. Rational thought will always try to match like to like. Creative thought, on the other hand, will sometimes try to match like with what seems to be unlike. Be open to these moments, no matter how ridiculous they may seem at the time. Ideas are formed when the creative brain realizes that what appeared to be like/unlike is actually like/like when seen from a new perspective.

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Your Daily Word Prompt – Peculiar – November 27, 2019

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