9 Tips for Overcoming Your Fear of Going to the Gym

Going to the gym can be scary, especially if you’re new to working out. The thought of going into a busy gym where everyone seems to know what they’re doing except you can be overwhelming. You may picture a worse case scenario like going into the gym and everyone turning to look in your direction. You may think everyone will be judging your fitness level or body type. You may even have nightmares before going to the gym your first time. No matter how your fear of going to the gym manifests itself, you can overcome it with a little preparation and a few tricks. Below are 9 tips for overcoming your fear of going to the gym. 


Choose the right gym for you. – Research potential gyms before committing to one. Make sure they have the equipment you need, and if you’re interested in group classes, see which ones they offer. Knowing that a gym will meet your needs will help calm you down and make going the first day easier.


Tour the gym ahead of time. – If you didn’t tour the facility before joining, make sure you schedule a tour before your first visit. Most gyms will be more than happy to give you a tour at your request, and many require it for new patrons.


Make an appointment with a personal trainer. – If you are new to working out, schedule an appointment with a personal trainer. They can teach you how to use equipment, give you information about fitness or workout routines, and answer any questions you might have. Being knowledgeable will help you be more comfortable your first day at the gym. 


Research equipment and exercises ahead of time. – If you choose not to make an appointment with a personal trainer, at the very least research equipment and exercises ahead of time. This will give you some basic knowledge and will prepare you for your first visit. 


Plan your workout ahead of time. – Before your first visit to the gym, plan your workout. Have an idea of what you will do during your time at the gym. If you’re new to fitness, choose a pre-made workout regimen to start with. You can always change it up later when you’re more experienced. 


Plan your first few visits during non-peak hours. – Choose non-peak times to visit the gym until you’re more comfortable. A less busy gym is a lot less intimidating than a busy one is. You will also be able to make it through your workout with less pressure and you’ll be able to take your time. 


Wear headphones during your workout. – Music is a great way to calm anxiety. You can listen to your favorite songs, or something upbeat to workout to.


Don’t compare yourself to others. – Try not to compare yourself to others. You don’t know where anyone else started, and you don’t know their story. The only person you should worry about in a gym is yourself. Compare your today to your yesterday, and gauge your progress on what you accomplish.


Going to the gym can be scary for anyone, especially for someone beginning their fitness journey. Don’t let fear keep you from achieving your fitness goals. Use the tips above to overcome your fear of going to the gym. Don’t let fear keep you from reaching your fitness goals.

4 Benefits of Taking a Break from Alcohol

It’s one of our favorite ways to relax at the weekend, and many of us love a glass of wine or a cocktail after a long difficult week at work. Maybe relaxing in front of the TV with a martini or a glass or red is one of your favorite past times, but every now and then it’s a good idea to take a break and give your body a rest from drinking alcohol. 


  1. It will decrease your tolerance


Although some people like to brag about how much they can drink before it starts to affect them, having a high tolerance for alcohol can be a massive problem. Not only does it lead to drinking large quantities in order to get the desired effect, but it also means that you consume more calories and experience even more of the disadvantages that come with drinking, such as liver damage, heart problems and weight gain. The lower your tolerance, the less alcohol you will want to drink, meaning the less money you’ll spend and the healthier you will be. 


  1. It allows time to detox


You can’t properly detox if you’re still drinking alcohol, so no matter how much salad you’re eating and how many times you’re filling up your plate with great vegetables, your liver will be crying out for a break. Replace the alcohol with water if you really want to do your liver a world of good. 


  1. You will sleep better


If you’re struggling to go to sleep at night but drinking in order to feel tired, you’re doing it all wrong. While it will help you to fall asleep, it will also mean that you’re more tired the next day, and if you’re drinking every night in order to fall asleep quicker or more peacefully, you’ll be getting yourself into a horrible cycle where you can’t stop drinking but it makes you feel even worse the morning after. 


  1. Your skin will look better


People who don’t drink much alcohol tend to have much better skin than those who drink on a regular basis. This is mainly due to the fact that alcohol dehydrates your body, which means that your body then tries to get moisture from wherever it can, including your skin. This is why people who drink regularly are more prone to dry skin, and unfortunately the answer isn’t good moisturiser! 


The Senate ~ On Recess ~ The House — Be a Seed for Change

02:10 PM The House adjourned pursuant to a previous special order. The next meeting is scheduled for 1:00 p.m. on November 1, 2019. 12:54 PM The Speaker laid before the House a message from the President transmitting a notification of the continuance of the national emergency with respect to Sudan. – referred to the Committee […]

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Be a Seed for Change

Might be or WERE part of that…one drop rule – BLACK
Booker T. WashingtonBooker T. Washington born in 1856 of an unknown white father and black mother, was an example of miscegenation. He was an influencing educator and advisor to the president of the United States in his lifetime.
J. Edgar Hoover  Image result for was j edgar hoover biracial

Hitler’s Jewish ancestry isn’t the strangest twist in racial history. FBI director J. Edgar Hoover — the man who plagued the black liberation movement from Marcus Garveyto the Black Panther Party — was known by his peers as a passing black man.

His childhood neighbor, writer Gore Vidal famously quoted, “It was always said in my family and around the city that Hoover was mulatto.  And that he came from a family that passed.”

And apparently that was a closely-guarded secret. Millie McGhee, author of Secrets Uncovered: J. Edgar Hoover Passing For White, said,

“In the late…

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Your Daily Word Prompt – Strange – November 1, 2019

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