Cultivating Joy

Adding Context

Like a plant without enough water, when you forget to feed your soul and your life with joy, your cheeks aren’t as rosy and your whole being isn’t as vibrant. 

The good news is that joy can be cultivated over time. It’s within your reach and you have the key to bring it forward. If you’re not sure where to start with cultivating joy, here are three ideas to help you get started.

Keep it simple

Some days, moments, weeks are going to feel like crap and that’s okay. If life was perfect all the time, you wouldn’t recognize the good stuff. Give yourself permission to feel the sadness, anger, and frustration. When you’re ready to move forward, call in your joy.

Joy doesn’t have to be expensive, like a 12-day excursion through the Mediterranean. That may be a goal to work towards but the truth is, joy shows up…

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