Review: K-On!

I Watched an Anime

I like to think of myself as someone with pretty thick skin. Not in the sense that I’m an emotionless person who’s too manly to cry and devoid of empathy. What I mean is, it’s generally really hard to hurt my feelings. But I can’t lie on the internet (it’s the law), so I’ll be completely honest with all of you. When the K-On! season 2 finale finished and the words “The End” popped up on my screen, my feelings were very hurt. This show held a place in my watch-list for several months as I worked hard to savor every episode. But part of the journey is the end, and I have finally reached it. Here are my final thoughts. Spoilers ahead.

You might have noticed that I tagged this particular post with three fancy tags instead of the usual two. This review is meant to cover all

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