Making Whole Food a Family Affair

One of the biggest things about starting a new eating journey is finding support. And while healthy eating support outside of the home is great, nothing is better than finding support under your own roof. After all, the people that you live with are likely the people that you eat with, the people that you share a kitchen with, and the people that you cook with. If you are moving into a whole foods way of eating and everyone in your home is still eating the foods that you are trying to avoid, it can be very hard for you to stick to your new healthy eating path. Not only is it simply a habit for you to eat the foods that you are you are used to eating, but during the first days and weeks of change there are going to be cravings and temptations to ‘fall off the healthy wagon’, so to speak.


It takes approximately 30 days to create a habit. This means that if you are able to stick with your whole foods path for 30 days then you are much more likely to keep eating whole for a long time to come.


But how do you get your family on board with your whole food journey? How do you convince them that the best thing they can do to support you is to try eating this way too?


If you think that your loved ones would be open and receptive to going on this journey with you, then try sitting down and talking to them about it. Let them know what your plans are and be very clear about the things that they can expect. If you are the primary cook in your home, you can simply let them know that you will be cooking the foods that you are now eating, and you will make enough for them but you won’t be making them anything that you can no longer eat. This doesn’t just encourage your family to try something new, but you are also giving them the option of making their own foods, allowing them to feel like it is their choice whether or not they want to go on this journey with you.


If your family is still resistant it is important to respect their feelings and let them know that you understand. One of the best ways that you can encourage others is through example, and once they are able to see the positive changes in your life they are much more likely to want to make those positive changes themselves.


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