Photo Challenge Yellow

Weekly Prompts

“ You create your own decoration. You choose your colour, you choose your mood. If you are depressed, you put on some bright yellow and suddenly you are happy.” ~ Philippe Starck.

This weekend your Saturday Photo Challenge is Yellow.

At the start of 2019, GC and I introduced a monthly colour challenge, and for the month of May we have opted for the colour YELLOW.

During the early 1970s, those of you old enough to remember will know that yellow was a popular colour choice for home decor.  Like most things from that era, the colour has made a modern day comeback. These days instead of teaming up with purple (my questionable choice back then), the colour is more likely to be found toned down slightly, and nestling comfortably alongside grey. 

Gerry and I would like you to search your files, visit Laura Ashley Home (my personal…

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