How is Technology Helping Bring Families Together? — When Women Inspire

While you might have heard that technology is tearing apart famlies, today’s writer Rachael Pace explains that tech can have a lot of perks within the home. It’s just a matter of knowing how to best use or monitor it as a parent to help rather than hinder relationships with your child.

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Live Action Reviews! by Crystal Connor: Lifechanger

Plotline: A murderous shape shifter sheds blood to make things right with the woman he loves.

Who would like it: People who enjoyed movies like The Body Snatchers, The Hidden, The Fallen or about aliens taking over human bodies in general. 

High Points: I really enjoyed the subtle complexities that Lifechanger explored about what it is to love and be loved; and the sheer will to just survive. 

Complaints: N/A

Overall: Even though in my opinion this isn’t horror I still really enjoyed it.

Stars: 3

Where I watched it: VOD


Master Imaginationist and Instagram photographer Crystal Connor is the Chief Imagineer working for the Department of Sleep Prevention’s Nightmare Division. A Washington State native she loves anything to do with monsters, bad guys (as in evil-geniuses & super-villains.  Not ‘those’ kind her mother warned her about), rogue scientific experiments, jewelry, sky-high…

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Here is the Ragtag Daily Prompt for Thursday, 25 April 2019  —  CORNUCOPIA.
Create a post (words/images/both) inspired by this word!

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Authors, Don’t Run From Social Media: 10 Tips to use it Efficiently and Avoid the “Cesspool.” – by Anne R. Allen…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

A lot of writers are talking about quitting Twitter and Facebook (and FB’s subsidiary, Instagram) because social media has become a “cesspool.”

I hear you. Politicians, celebrities, and their mindless minions use social media to trash-talk and stir up negativity and chaos. Plus scammers and sadistic trolls lie in wait to pounce on the innocent and vulnerable.

It’s also terrifying how Facebook has been invading our privacy and offering us up as prey to enemy operatives, predatory advertisers, and malevolent click farmers.

On top of that, many marketing “experts” urge authors to waste precious writing time on pointless social media activity.

But giving up all social media because awful people are abusing it is like giving up your phone because of telemarketers and fake IRS scammers (who now make 50% of US phone calls.) Yeah, they are horrible. But there are ways to avoid them and you need your phone.

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Review of Natalie Tan’s Book of Luck & Fortune by Roselle Lim (digital arc)

Confessions of a YA Reader


Natalie Tan’s Book of Luck & Fortune by Roselle Lim

Lush and visual, chock-full of delicious recipes, Roselle Lim’s magical debut novel is about food, heritage, and finding family in the most unexpected places. 

At the news of her mother’s death, Natalie Tan returns home. The two women hadn’t spoken since Natalie left in anger seven years ago, when her mother refused to support her chosen career as a chef. Natalie is shocked to discover the vibrant neighborhood of San Francisco’s Chinatown that she remembers from her childhood is fading, with businesses failing and families moving out. She’s even more surprised to learn she has inherited her grandmother’s restaurant.

The neighborhood seer reads the restaurant’s fortune in the leaves: Natalie must cook three recipes from her grandmother’s cookbook to aid her struggling neighbors before the restaurant will succeed. Unfortunately, Natalie has no desire to help them try to turn things…

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