Book Review: Quoth the Raven, edited by Lyn Worthen

Schedule Evaluation: Quoth the Raven modified by Lyn Worthen

When I was around ten years old, I found the story The Pit and the Pendulum by Edgar Allen Poe. That was my introduction to his job, as well as I loved it. Over the years, I read more of his stories and ultimately his poetry as well as appreciated it all. He’& rsquo; s in my leading 10 checklist of preferred authors, and also more than one of his tales would be in my checklist of favored brief fiction. When I was offered the possibility to review as well as reviewQuoth the Raven, a compilation of retellings of Poe’& rsquo; s stories by contemporary authors, I reacted with a resounding yes.

This anthology includes prose and verse, primarily contemporary reworkings of his tales, yet some stick out as original concepts composed following his style. “& ldquo; The Mobile phone, & rdquo; by R.C. Scandalis, for example. That a person is a & hellip;

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Book Review: Quoth the Raven, edited by Lyn Worthen
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