Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #41: Delicious

P.A. Moed

First we eat, then we do everything else.― M.F.K. Fisher

Are you one of those people who remembers every great meal you’ve ever had?  Do you spend your vacation planning where you’re going for dinner while you’re still eating breakfast?  Do you watch cooking shows on TV or try new recipes?  Are you food-obsessed like me?

This week, here’s your chance to explore what “Delicious” means to you.

To get you started, I’d like to share some memorable delicious moments.

Stopping for A Cappuccino Near Port Arthur

I loved the dusting of chocolate on my cappuccino in this quaint shop near Port Arthur filled with antiques and Australian memorabilia.

Morning Cappuccino.  Near Port Arthur, Australia.

Window Shopping

Our apartment in Santa Croce is ideally located near to the Santa Croce Market and next door to an amazing pastry shop and a gelato place.  I think we should have…

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