The Prompt Box – S1 – G1 – pm

A Guy Called Bloke



The Prompt Box!


Season 1

Game 1

When responding please award a ping back to here. “Oh Prompt Me Do!!”

In The Prompt Box below are 12 Boxes. Each Box holds a Prompt. Each Game runs for a duration of two weeks. each Season runs for a 4 week period.

Each Prompt Box will be reblogged twice a day for 14 days.

The Prompt Box!

Everyone loves prompts – can there be too many? Not really, because everyone is different – people react to different things and ‘The Prompt Box!!’ is exactly that – different things!

You can do whatever you want and whenever you want … you’ll either feel prompted to react or you won’t!

What’s My Story Then

Life Within Music


An Hour Of Your Day



Quote Me

What’s My Story Then

A Morning Of Your Day

What’s My Story Then


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