German Meatballs with Spaetzle

What's for Dinner Moms?

This dish was steaming HOT when I took the picture so it looks a bit hazy. My daughter came out of her room just before we were serving dinner and said, “It smells amazing in here!” It did. The apple cider vinegar and bacon combined with the sour cream and meatballs? Heavenly. My kids are always up to try something German so this was perfect for us.


The meatballs were so good. The first thing my son said was, “Wow, real meatballs again.” Yes, I had fallen into the trap of the bag of frozen meatballs but if you like meatballs double the recipe and save some for another day in a freezer bag. Homemade meatballs are always better than frozen store ones.

If you like a lot of sauce (which we do) double the sauce, especially if you are serving over spaetzle.  This cream sauce is a bit…

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