Mid-Week Monochrome – MWM -14- Low Tide

Brashley Photography

On the mudflats

For this week’s challenge, I thought I would process another boat image, taken at Hayling Island in Hampshire.  So for the challenge this week, it is anything to do with tides… it could be a photograph of high tide or low tide.  It really doesn’t matter, crashing waves are an excellent choice for depicting tides.  Enjoy the challenge, I look forward to seeing your entries.

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March photo a day challenge

Photo A Day Challenge is a fun way to take a photo a day. You can play along by posting a picture of your interpretation of the prompt, share your posts in the comments below and link to this (post) challenge so other members can find your photos and posts. Link back here or leave a link in the comments. Everyone is welcome to participate. Join us for the whole month or whenever you like. Post daily, weekly, or simply post when you can, pass the challenge to other bloggers and have fun 🙂

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Dogs of Blogs- Day 13

Sorting Life's Issues with Jess

Enjoy the Sun!



Please title your blog Dogs of Blogs Day 13 and link back to this blog when you share your dog photo today!

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Word Prompt – Fairness

Weekly Prompts

We cannot accept the world as it is. Each day we should wake up foaming at the mouth because of the injustice of things.” ― Hugo Claus

Traffic light cameras are essentially cash cows that rake in millions of dollars of revenue for all the municipalities who choose to use this alleged accident reducing method of collision prevention. But there is an unfair side to this high tech solution.

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Reducing Heat loss in your Home [Infographic] — ecogreenlove

ravenhawks' magazine Magick for Mind Body and Soul

Heat loss in the home can result in recurring high utility bills and that is something that no one wants! Running a household is stressful enough without losing money through heating the home only for it to be lost out through non-insulated areas. Furthermore, in an age where we need to be more conscious of our environment, not being energy efficient is irresponsible so it’s important to be educated about how we can instigate change, even on a small scale!

Reducing Heat loss in your Home [Infographic] | ecogreenlove Visual by Senator Windows
via Reducing Heat loss in your Home [Infographic] — ecogreenlove

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Diet Tips by Snakes and Ladders Game

Create Health and Happiness

Useful dietary tips are conveyed to people to prevent obesity, ageing, acidity, hypertension, weak bones, poor digestion etc. through the very popular game of Snakes and Ladders.

About the Game : 6 ladders are used to educate on 6 healthy dietary practices and their positive impact and 7 snakes are used to educate on the harmful effect of 7 faulty dietary habits on health.

E.g. At the snake’s mouth the wrong dietary habits like excessive consumption of tea/coffee are mentioned and the consequence of say acidity is mentioned on the tail of the snake. In the same way fried & sweet products are indicated at the snake’s mouth and the consequence (risk of high cholesterol) is indicated on the tail of snake.

Good dietary habits indicated on the bottom of the ladder like two glasses of milk per day and the effect of strong bones is mentioned on the top…

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OLWG #93- Abasdarhon

The New, Unofficial, On-line Writer's Guild

 This week’s prompts are at the bottom. Practice makes perfect. Let me know what you think.

Here’s how to play along, if you are unsure.

Mark pulled his coat tight around him and listened to his stomach growl. The night was cold but at least it wasn’t raining. Finally he fell into a fitful sleep, or maybe he never really got to sleep before realizing that someone was shaking his shoulder.

“Wake up. Wake up,” the someone said

“Aw right, aw right, I’m going,” Mark grumbled. He was accustomed to the cops rousting him when he was sleeping rough. He sat up and pulled on his beard, trying to smooth it down.

“You don’t gotta go, mate,” the voice said. “Just sit up for a bit. Talk to me. I got some questions to ask, but I wanna sit down.”

Mark rubbed his eyes and peered at the someone behind…

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