March Writing Prompts

Putting My Feet in the Dirt


Good morning all my fellow blogging friends,

I hope you’ve all been doing well and I’m excited to be able to bring you another month of writing inspiration.  Hopefully March brings warmer weather, and much needed encouragement to those of us who go dormant, and end up hibernating during the winter months.  I desperately need some sunshine!  Here’s to hoping we all see some soon!  ~M xoxo

1. A new fallen snow
2. The last link
3. Panicky and peculiar
4. Sorry, my cat fell off the cupboard
5. Delirious intentions
6. Viable creations
7. Self-centered situations
8. The boy without a name
9. Pandemonium of a new kind
10. Bristly, yet sensible
11. Fact or fiction
12. Swimming through raspberry jello
13. Stranded in Burma
14. Foolish incantations
15. Springtime splendor
16. Invincible endeavors
17. Douglas O’Malley
18. Burping and bellyflops
19. Silver sand
20. The kissing curse

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