Gain Followers & Engagement on IG TODAY!

Rissa Recharged

Chances are you are probably using Instagram and hashtags but have you been using them effectively? Are you building and growing your following? If not, this is the training for you! Ready, set, go!

What Are Hashtags and Why Should I Use Them?

Hashtags turn any words (or group of words) into a searchable link; allowing you to target content and track topics. When using hashtags, you allow people to find relevance in your business and posts. Essentially, hashtags are just like keywords on Google, but with social media.

If you want to find a post relating to a topic, you can use hashtags on Instagram to see posts relating to the topic. For example, if you want to find posts relating to ‘new entrepreneurs’, you can search #newentrepreneurs to find posts linking to the hashtags.

To attract people to your Instagram account, use hashtags that relate specifically to the…

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