Health benefits of Fruits


Fruits – Fruits are a gift of God for human beings which contains a high source of vitamins, minerals, folates, antioxidants, phytonutrients and many more necessary nutrients for the growth of the body. The fruits ate very tasty and beneficial for a body and also used in prevents several diseases.

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Health benefits of fruits – There are several health benefits of fruits are as given below

  1. Fruits contain healthy nutrient which is beneficial for heart diseases, stroke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, vision loss, and cancer.
  2. It has vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibers and phytochemicals which are essential for good health.
  3. It decreases the risk of overweight, obesity and type-2 diabetes.
  4. It has high source of potassium which reduces blood pressure and lower the risk of kidney stones and bone loss.
  5. Fruits contains high source of dietary fibers which decreases the risk of constipation and diverticulitis.
  6. Folates are present in…

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Health benefits of olive oil


Olive oil – Olive oil is prepared from the juice of the olive which will get from the olive tree and it is a vegetable oil. It is used for cooking, traditional medicine, and cosmetics. Olive oil is also used as a fuel for oil lamps. It is found mostly in the Mediterranean regions.

Related imageHealth benefits of olive oil – There are several health benefits of olive oil are as given below

  1. Reduce cholesterol in blood – Olive oil contains several antioxidants which help in lower the LDL cholesterol. LDL cholesterol is bad cholesterol and is caused to raise the risk of heart attacks and several heart diseases. It is also used in increase the HDL cholesterol level. HDL cholesterol is good cholesterol which lower the macrophage accumulation, and to prevent atherosclerosis
  2. Lower the weight – As per research, olive oil is not related with increasing the weight or obesity…

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E-Mail Marketing


Marketing – Marketing is the main component of business. It is the process of making relationship with customers.

E-mail marketing

This type of marketing is used to attract customers by using an electronic mail (email). This process is used to attract customers in a different ways.  It is also called as direct email marketing.

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It is the type of marketing in which email messages are sent to the current or previous customers.  It uses electronic mail for communicating with the customers about the products. It is called email marketing. Several companies use email marketing by sending advertisements of products and request for business and partnership to the probable or current customers.

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At present email marketing is growing fast in the 21st century. Earlier email marketing was not effective. Gary Thuerk of Digital Equipment (DEC) sent the first collection of emails to about 400 probable customers through the Advanced…

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15 impressive benefits of milk


Milk – Milk contains a great source of nutrients such as vitamin A, B12, D calcium, carbohydrates, phosphorous, selenium, magnesium, protein, zinc, and riboflavin so it is very important diet in daily life especially for kids. It is a white liquid which is received from several mammals such as cow, buffalo, goat, sheep and camels. Cow’s milk is one of the popular and healthy milk as compared to other mammals. Milk is a very important diet for children and infant mammals. There are several varieties which is made from milk such as sweets, paneer, yogurt, kheer, ghee. Milk is also used as a cold drink for stomach irritation and also used in making ice creams which is very popular in parties and marriage ceremonies among children.

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The mother’s milk is the good source for born child who prevent many diseases and has nutrients such as protein and lactose.

Benefits of…

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Health benefits of Green tea


Green tea – Green tea is gradually popular tea in India due to its good health benefits. It is originated in China and is prepared from the leaves of Camellia sinensis. The manufacture of the green tea has spread to several countries in Asia including India. There are many varieties of green tea but they differ which is based on the growing conditions, the procedure of production, and the time of harvest.

Image result for green tea imagesImage result for green tea imagesHealth benefits of green tea – There are several health benefits of green tea are as given below

  1. Control blood pressure – Green tea controls the blood pressure which lowers the risk of high blood pressure and heart diseases.
  2. Prevent cancer – It contains antioxidants property which lowers the several types of cancers such as lung, skin, breast, liver, colon, and pancreas as per research.
  3. Reduce cholesterol – Green tea is beneficial in decrease the cholesterol level (LDL…

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The Health Benefits of Garlic

Exercise and Health

Garlic is one of my top three healthiest things that you should use daily, along with green tea and lemon juice.

Adding garlic to your diet can keep you alive for longer

If your parents were as health-conscious as mine, you’ve probably been told how garlic is a basically cure for everything. Is garlic really that good for you? Let’s find out.

Garlic Facts

Garlic is actually a part of the onion family, along with leeks and shallots. There are usually 10-20 cloves per head of garlic.

Hippocrates used to prescribe garlic for a variety of ailments

The father of medicine was a big fan of the medicinal properties of this bulb, and he wasn’t on his own. In fact, many ancient civilizations recorded the health benefits of garlic. These include Egypt, Babylon, Greece, Rome and China. Was it garlic that gave them the power to conquer the world?

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Health & Beauty – Lavender

Share Your Light


Essential oils are the pure and concentrated essences of plants. Used are petals, roots, twigs, leaves, resins depending on the plant. From time to time I am going to share information about specific oils, their effects, and how to use them. Due to its multiple effects, when on the road with the kids I only took a long lavender oil and some band-aids. Due to its disinfectant, healing, and soothing effect, I had a one-in-all aid.

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