The Weekly Smile 2/11/2019 #weeklysmile

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My dogs love to play in our back yard.  There are a couple of relatively flat areas on different levels and then a steep, wooded area behind it all.  The run and play and play-fight and just have a great time.

It was really wet early in the week so I didn’t let them play much – they got so muddy so quick! But then the cold moved back in and the ground froze.

The boxer, Fiyero, loves to play with a ball.  Sometimes he wants to play with me with it, sometimes he just likes it close while he does other things, usually keeping a paw on it at all times.  But sometimes he plays on the hill. Some new paths have opened up an it was possible for the ball to roll down a path that descends more than 25 vertical feet (8 meters). Of course if he…

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