Cool, Calm, Sanderling

The smallest on the shore most of the time, and they can still ignore the chaos around them.

Cool, Calm, Sanderling - click to enlarge Cool, Calm, Sanderling – click to enlarge

This little bird was running along picking through the surf. I didn’t bother him in the least.

Cool, Calm, Sanderling - click to enlarge Cool, Calm, Sanderling – click to enlarge

Cool, Calm, Sanderling - click to enlarge Cool, Calm, Sanderling – click to enlarge

Cool, Calm, Sanderling - click to enlarge Cool, Calm, Sanderling – click to enlarge

Tiny Sanderling, 1,000 pound Dolphin, and the little guy is still cool and calm about everything.

Strand Feeding, Dolphins (2) - click to enlarge Strand Feeding, Dolphins (2) – click to enlarge

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Inappropriately didactic? – Another tale from Tallis Steelyard

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo


I have mentioned Madam Jeen Snellflort previously. Those who heard her story seemed to divide into two groups. The first group appeared to feel that the lady had made her successful escape from the nightmare that was the Misenbart academy for young ladies, so she would now settle down to quietly living happily ever after. The other smaller group gave the impression that Jeen was destined to do more and perhaps greater things.
The problem was that whilst Jeen had successfully removed herself from education, she couldn’t remove education from herself. Indeed there is much to commend in a life given to educating the younger generation. If there is nothing else, there is the instant obedience of your pupils, the unstinting gratitude of their parents, and the generous recognition of your services by a respectful community.

All these things she missed, and to be honest her new life of wealthy…

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Carrot Ranch FF – Performance

The Bag Lady

“Which one should I wear”, holding the multicolored bow tie in one hand and the shimmering blue in the other. Joe was getting dressed for the Christmas concert and wearing the proper tuxedo coat and pants, but couldn’t make up his mind about the tie.

Usually not nervous about the orchestra’s performance–he always practiced well; tonight was a bit different. His new girlfriend would be in the front row observing him.

Joe fumbled with the bow tie and glanced in the mirror, luckily no zits this night. Rushing out, he forgot to change from his sneakers to dress shoes.

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Odd Apocalypse


I finished reading Odd Apocalypse by Dean Koontz. It is the fifth book of the Odd Thomas book series. There are eight books in the book series.

Warning: there is some violence, hints of violence, one sad part, and some gross parts. Like I said earlier, I’m glad ebooks aren’t smell ready.

Before I begin, I should say this book will give you a headache if you think about it too much. It is very strange. It is very odd (yes, a pun).

In this book, Odd and Annamaria are invited to stay at Roseland. It is a huge estate “formerly”  (air quotes because of what is revealed later in the book. I’m not going to reveal it.) owned by a billionaire named Constantine. Odd has a dream about being a Jew that is afraid to die twice. Odd also sees a ghost of a woman riding a black horse…

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How to Get Useful Ideas for Stories

A Writer's Path

by Doug Lewars

If you ask most writers where they get their ideas, the answer is ‘everywhere’. And that’s true. You can get ideas from anywhere and everywhere; however, the trick isn’t to get ideas, the trick is to get useful ideas. For example, suppose you’re writing a thriller and you’re describing a car chase. An idea about snorkeling in Bermuda is not helpful. It might be fine for another book or another scene but if our hero is careening about a corner on two wheels while being shot at, it isn’t going to do either you, or him, much good.

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New Author Tip

The PBS Blog

2017-12-08 13.17.01

Blogging has greatly impacted my writing life. The knowledge and wisdom from my fellow bloggers is amazing. I love that we build each other up and alert one another to things that may seem fishy in the publishing industry. I love that we promote each other and help advance the other’s writing life. That said, my tip for new authors is this:

This is just a suggestion, but if you are about to publish for the first time and you’ve never published a book before (and people don’t know you as a writer, maybe as other things but not as a writer) consider starting a blog at least 6 months to a year of publishing your first book. Spend that time talking about your passions, networking with other writers, readers and getting a feel for the online community. Don’t just talk about your work, talk about yourself. Post funny pictures…

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