December 5th is National Comfort Food Day!

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Here are today’s five food finds about comfort food: 

Comfort food is traditionally defined as a food that is sentimental to the consumer.


The term comfort food has been traced back to at least 1966, when Palm Beach Post used it in a story.

giphyPsychological studies have turned up evidence that the comfort foods we crave are actually artifacts from our pasts.

giphy1A 2005 Cornell University survey of 277 men and women found that females tend to seek comfort in sweet and sugary foods like ice cream, while males prefer savory comfort foods like steak and soup.

giphy2A recent study published in Health Psychology suggests that comfort foods don’t actually make us feel any better. 

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  • 1624 Gaspard Bauhin died. A Swiss botanist, he developed a binomial (2 name) system of plant classification. He published ‘Pinax Theatri Botanici’, which was a compilation that…

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Keeping promises

The Chaos Within

Caressing the wrinkled patina of her skin, I realised how fleeting life had become. The woman who once loved, nurtured, and nursed me even, was now ridden to the linen that made up the hospital bed.

She grinned to assure me everything would be well. Despite knowing nothing would ever be well again, I obliged with a silent smile. It was my burden to bear — to watch the light in her eyes snuff out in one painless moment. It was mine duty to stand by her side in sickness and in health, for I’d vowed seven years ago: “I do”.

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