Mouhalabiyeh – Levantine Milk Pudding


Dreamy mouhalabiyeh, a velvety as well as fragrant pudding seasoned with orange blossom, rose, pistachios, and honey. This was among my favorite treats as a child and it constantly revives cheery memories. Such as several Levantine sweets belonging to Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, and also Turkey, this custard-like pudding is identified by the mix of dairy products and orange and climbed essences. The pistachios are one more part to the recipe as opposed to simply a topping. As well as the outcome is absolutely lush. I discover that this is a terrific dessert to make in advance of a dinner celebration –– as well as one certain to make an impact.


4 mugs milk 1/3 mug fresh lotion (hefty light whipping cream) or more milk 1/2 mug sugar 5 tablespoons cornstarch 1 tbsp climbed water 1 tbsp orange blossom water honey, for topping pistachios, sliced, for covering

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Simmer 4 mugs of milk and also sugar in a & hellip;

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Mouhalabiyeh – Levantine Milk Pudding
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